Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hawaii 2012: part 4 - the last one :)

While exploring Honolulu and Waikiki we came across Dog the Bounty Hunter's house. We were pretty surprised by his "humility" in having a big tile and stone mural of himself on his entryway gate. I don't watch the show, but I guess the SUV's in the back are the ones they use on the show. 
 We saw some locals walking down this little path towards the ocean so we decided to follow suit. We came to a dream-like destination.
 There were cliffs that ran in the same direction as the waves, meaning that the rollers came past the cliffs rather than smashing into them. We could comfortably jump off the rocks into the water, swim around, and wait for a roller to lift us high enough to get back out. It was way cool.
 There was one place that the cliffs jutted out, so the waves would smash into it and shoot the water way in the air.

 One night, David, the main fire dancer at the PCC and friend to our cousin, invited us out to go spear fishing. I'd heard too much talk about sharks and the eeriness of not seeing past the glow of your flashlight that I quickly let Eric know I'd be happy to sit on the shore and watch.

 That was a good choice. I enjoyed myself watching the men's lights move through the water, and Eric had a blast. I'm sure had I been out there I would've constantly been grabbing onto him in fear of sharks and it wouldn't have been near as fun for him.
 Eric has done a lot of spear fishing in B.C., but I think this was a different experience with warmer water and different creatures.
 The findings that were able to be freed from hiding places.

The spear fishing wouldn't be complete without a Lu'au, which David and his wife so generously threw. The next day they invited us to the beach for SO MUCH FOOD! I couldn't believe how much food they had made.

 This is like 1/100th of the the meat they cooked. Maybe not quite, but they cooked up a cooler full of chicken, steak, and hotdogs, plus Eric and Micah's fish they'd caught the night before.
 Eric and Jake - getting in some kid fix time :)
 Eric and Jayne

 We spent quite a bit of time at Seth and Amy's house. They are such hospitable hosts, even when they don't have to be. I didn't know they'd be accommodating us so much, and we really appreciated it! Jayne even let Eric participate in her beauty salon!
One night Seth and Amy invited us to the Food-Fest, that the BYU Hawaii cultural clubs put on. It was so awesome! I got pitas and hummus from the Israeli club, we both got potato and beef pie things from the Latino club, and then got bubble drinks from I think the Japanese club. Those drinks were gooooood! I think I could imitate it by making iced pero and adding the giant tapioca balls into it, and then of course getting giant gauged straws to suck it through.
 On our last day in Hawaii, Eric and I drove to the Northwest coast. There is a small airport that we checked out.
 And then we took a long walk along the beach. It is an interesting part of the island. Instead of lush and green, it is very much like a desert, and doesn't have much foliage growth. Even though the ocean is RIGHT there!
 Here's the kind of jellyfish, called a blue bubble, that stung me a couple days earlier, on my leg. It wasn't that bad, but it definitely stung and scared me, since I heard that they usually travel in large groups, and I didn't want more stings.
 The trail we walked along is used for off-roading. Someone built a little hut, maybe to rest in the shade?? We watched lots of trucks attempt big hills, which was pretty fun.
 Our last look at the beauty of O'ahu, before heading to the airport.

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