Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Holidays 2012 - Oregon Coast

Once we hit the coast, weather took a turn for the better. Mild temperatures and NO snow :)

We stopped at a cove where people were whale watching. We didn't see any whales but it was so pleasant to stand outside and breathe in the slightly warm humid air.

As we approached Redwood National Park we saw this place where you could walk through a redwood grove. We stopped in and found Paul Bunyan and his giant blue ox, Babe.

They also had a Sasquatch. What more could you ask for?

One of my favorite things about the coast is that everything is covered in vegetation. I love how all the limbs on the trees are furry green. SO lush and beautiful!
We spotted a herd of elk along our pretty drive.
As we neared warmer weather beaches we stopped at multiple surf shops to try to find Eric some boogie boarding fins. I loved the look of this surf shop. It screams "good times"!

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