Monday, January 21, 2013

Holidays 2012

Grandma Gwen always makes the family delicious homemade, hand-dipped chocolates. As of this year she is no longer able to make them because it is a LOT of work and her body doesn't like it. Eric and I asked her if she'd teach us how to make them, and she agreed!!! We spent the night up there and she let us copy all of her recipes, taught us how to make the fillings, and told us a bunch of her tricks. I went back up to Ogden a few days later so she could teach me how to dip them in chocolate.
 We sure love Grandma Gwen, she is one strong lady!
 Reese enjoyed hearing the story of Christ's birth over and over again. She decided it would be fun to dress up like Mary while she colored her Nativity coloring book.
 We went with David, Nicole, and Amber to temple square this year. It was raining like crazy, which wasn't all that enjoyable for walking around looking at the lights, so sadly we didn't roam as much as normal. However, we did get to ride Trax, which was the kids favorite part.
 The train was PACKED!
 We met the Warburtons at Cabela's for a little outing before Christmas. The dad's took over the guns at the "shooting range", it was pretty funny.
 We were surprised and excited to hear that Santa was there. The kids were stoked to go sit on his lap. Reese told him she wanted a Hello Kitty toothbrush (this girl always requests a toothbrush for Christmas, no wonder she has such pretty teeth :)), Ivan got a little timid once he was on Santa's lap but still said that he wanted "toys".
 Here's a portion of the chocolates we made this year. I hope to get better over the years. Especially at tempering the chocolate so it doesn't get white streaks through it.
 On Christmas Eve we went to my parents to eat our tradition shepherd's meal, open Christmas PJs, and watch the living scriptures nativity movie. The cousins always LOVE being together!

 As soon as Ivan had his batman jammies on, his character turned into batman as well. Here he is showing his strong muscles.
Christmas morning was wonderful. Reese and Ivan were both really excited this year, which made Eric and I feel like kids all over again.

 The day after Christmas we left on a roadtrip to Oregon, to then follow the coastline South to Anaheim, CA, where we were going to meet my family for a week long trip at Disneyland. Our excursion was pretty exciting, with snow covered highways, snowstorms, and lots of fun site seeing.
 Although cold, it was BEAUTIFUL!
 A giant motorcycle :)
 Wild burros
 L-O-N-G stretches of slippery snow packed roads.
 This was a really pretty abandoned farm that we spotted and had to go check out.

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