Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Holidays 2012 - Disneyland and California Adventure

After meeting up with my family we spent 4 days at Disneyland and California Adventure. It was so fun, being on a trip with all my siblings, their families, and my parents.

We did a LOT of walking. To and from the hotel, all around the parks. I actually lost weight, which was a welcome surprise in my last month of pregnancy. I let go of my pride pretty quickly and allowed myself to sit in the strollers when waiting around for our group to get off rides.

 It worked out nicely. I kind of thought I wouldn't be able to ride any of the rides but I was wrong. I rode every ride I wanted to. Only once was asked about my pregnant condition and all that was asked was whether I was ok to ride or not. I had had an uncomplicated pregnancy, my body felt fine, and the rides, especially the newer roller coasters, are actually very smooth.
 The kids were in heaven. Not only were they at the "happiest place on earth" but they were also with their favorite people. Non -stop attention from their cousins, aunts & uncles, and papa and grandma.
 Reese was so sad when on the first day she was told she couldn't go on a ride because she was too short. We told her to stand taller the next time around because she was so close to the right height. Well, she stood as tall as she could but was still slightly too short and was told she couldn't go on the ride. She was distraught and I think she felt like she let us down.

The 2nd day at Disneyland was Reese's 4th birthday, so Eric and I went out shopping the night before and went to multiple shoe stores until we could find some shoes for her with thick soles. We wanted to make sure she'd be able to ride the rides so not only did we get her some thick soled cowgirl boots, but we also found some thick insoles that Eric cut down to size and inserted into them. In the morning she opened some presents from me and Eric and then we headed to Disneyland. She was so excited to be tall enough to ride the rides and thought it was because she was now 4 years old (nothing to do with the shoes).
 The kids LOVED all the rides....

 ...except maybe the Tower of Terror. I was surprised that Reese consented to go on this ride. I even thought it was pretty thrilling/ slightly frightening so I was super surprised when I looked over at her and she wasn't crying. She did however say she didn't want to go on it again and she still talks about how scary it was.
 We finished her birthday night off with dinner at 9pm and presents from the cousins and aunts & uncles.

 The days warmed up nicely so everyone would shed their jackets around lunch time.

 It is so nice having aunts and uncles who want to hang out with you! My kids are so spoiled!

 Reese's all time favorite ride was the teacups.

We had such a good time. Reese and Ivan still talk about the trip and ask when we can go back. When we play pretend, Ivan usually says "wanna go to Nisneyland?" It was a perfect end to our holiday vacation and a great time passer for the end of my pregnancy.

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