Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sand + Guns = FUN

Last weekend we went dirt biking at the sand dunes. It was a BLAST, but I am SO bummed that I didn't take my camera out while riding!! I could have gotten some sweet pics and videos of Eric, Don, and my Dad jumping their bikes - but I made the lame-o excuse that my motorcycle pants don't have pockets, so I left the camera back at the car. It was a VERY fun trip, the sand dunes were fabulous, and the company - even better! I went out riding a little with the guys, but most of the time I spent visiting with my mom, little sister, and niece. It was FUN!
On the way home from the sand dunes.

On our way home from the sand dunes we stopped and went shooting. That was also VERY fun!
Eric and I

Dad and Mom

Cute Chelsea with her earmuffs


Terra said...

So fun!! I love shooting. Thanks for the blog printing website. I will check it out. Travis has to work all this weekend, but maybe next weekend we can plan a night and do the bike ride and dinner. That would be so fun!

You and Eric are so stinking cute together! I love your matching outfits.

The Taylors said...

It was fun to see you on Saturday! It's been long enough! Maybe when we have our babies we'll have more time with no school and work.....and we can find more time for each other.....we need like a play date for our kids...haha! I have this feeling that we're having a our kids can be lovers!

Tab & Nate said...

It was great to see you on Saturday! Wasn't that so fun? By the way you are one of the cutest pregnant girls ever.

Lindsay said...

I believe voting starts tomorrow. They are getting the last of the photos in today. it should show up tomorrow on let me know