Friday, September 5, 2008

Vancouver Island

Eric grew up in a very cool place on Vancouver Island. We were lucky enough to go up there last week to spend time with his parents and some of his siblings and their families. The drive was a L-O-N-G one, but it was all worth it. Here are some pics of our fun trip!!

On Our Way

Our friend Alicia lives in Washington - Eric called her up just in time to find out that we were right by where she was - so we went and visited her and her cute man, James. We LOVED seeing you Alicia! (I stole this pic from her blog)

Birch Bay Campground in Blaine, WA - rained all night - gave me the best sleep I've had in ages.

On the Ferry ride to Vancouver Island - just in case anyone is wondering, we do own more jackets than just these two. Problem is...these are our FAVORITES!!! That's why we are ALWAYS wearing them. I promise we clean them :)

Kayaking the River

Our Canoe Ride - Lake Cowichan
1. We attached a motor to the canoe, which is much better than paddling!!

2) The engine started sputtering and stopped working - could it be that we put plain gas in it instead of mixed gas since we didn't realize that it was a 2-stroke engine....oops.

3. Since there was one paddle, I just got to sit back and stare at Eric's muscle arms be put to work :)

4. Jackson liked the ride, especially when the motor stopped working, because then he could put his hands over the side of the boat and into the water.

5. Ops, guess what, bad gas and all, Eric finally got the motor going again. So we decided to give Dan a tow.

The fam sitting around waiting to eat sloppy joes....YUM!!!

Eric giving lessons on how to do rolls in the kayak

Jackson is a monkey, Ellyse is a cowgirl - get it right!

Other Highlights

Eric hunting squirrels in his suit. "Sharp" shooter!!

Being with family - As you can probably tell, this pic was taken with a really nice camera, which I REALLY want!....Kristen's camera. And I'm sad Kristen isn't in this photo :(

Goodbye until next time Canada


Terra said...

Very cool pictures. I could have seen more! That place is BEAUtiful! Wow, I want to know where that picture is of Eric shooting...if it is at his parents house that is amazing! I'm surprised he hasn't conned you into moving there ;)

Megano said...

Oh how fun!!! You guys are always doing fun/active it!!! The baby bump is SO cute by the way... you are darling pregers!

Lindsey S. said...

How fun! That looked like a blast!

Angie & John said...

Ok, you guys are models! I know it. Somewhere out there a maternity modeling gig is waiting for you! What a cute couple. I have decided if you move to Canada...I am for sure coming to visit! So jealous of your trip. Looks like so much fun. It was nice to see you last week. It has been sooooo long. What a cute prego belly! Mine is still bigger (and I'm not prego you blog stockers!) Hee hee. Love ya!

Kayla R. said...

You two are soooooo CUTE!!! looks like you had a BLAST:)