Thursday, September 18, 2008

Super Saturday!

This last Saturday was Super busy, but also SUPER fun! Since we had so much planned for the day, we were up bright and early. Eric changed the brakes on our Subaru and I did a little cleaning. We had to be to Provo by 11:00 so that I could go to my dear friend Lindsay's baby shower, and Eric knew he had to get the brakes changed before we went down. So on Friday night he decided that we'd go dirt biking on our friends dirt track before we went to Provo. He knew that the idea of going dirt biking would help him get out of bed early enough to get the brakes changed and go dirt biking before going to Provo. I love the ways he motivates himself :) Here are a couple of pics from dirt biking:
Eric - looking good as always!

Me- if any blog stalker, or anyone else out there, thinks I'm being to "rough" for being six months pregnant, please keep your comments to yourself. I asked my OB if I could continue my dirt biking and he said I could. And as you can tell, I didn't jump the bike very high AT all, so no worries!

After dirt biking we rushed home and showered to go to Provo. We went to Provo, I attended the baby shower - which was awesome by the way Lindsay, and so good to see everyone - and then we went to the BYU vs. UCLA football game. HOLY HOT!!! It was such a fun game to watch! As you can see, we ROCKED them! How do you like that ESPN??
My dad is a police officer and was with some of the general authorities at the game. He had a couple cards with money loaded on them and he gave them to me and Eric so we could get treats at the game. Oh man he is a lifesaver. The frozen strawberry lemonades were all that kept me from passing out in the heat! THANKS DAD!!
Yes, I look like a drowned rat, and yes it is due to sweat! GROSS!

So, the next thing on our agenda was the State Fair up in SLC. We went with our favs: Rachel, Micah, and B-Money! We met some of our other friends there and had fun enjoying the truck pull, animals, and rides.
This was one MASSIVE pig!

And even a more MASSIVE cow or steer, I dunno, regardless, it was HUGE!!!

I'm proud to let everyone know that Eric is a fantastic cow-milker. He walked right up to a cow tied to the wall and milked her. I was proud, to say the least. Oh...And excited that there was hand sanitizer outside of the barn so I could continue holding his hand :)


Terra said...

You are too funny. What a crazy day! I can't believe you guys fit all that in...but I should have known. Now it may be tough with a bambino...but it will be fun to try!

Megan Griffin said...

WOW, did you have a blog stalker tell you not do do fun things prego?!

I went snowmobiling prego...and I think it would have been really cool to go wake boarding with a huge baby bump but didn't get the chance.

Your belly is ADORABLE! - and you don't look like a drowned rat in the BYU football game pic, you look amazing. I love how you guys are always doing such fun things!

Jacob and Rachel Ellis said...

What a fun day! you guys are always up to something cool. much love