Thursday, August 27, 2009


Reese has made some big jumps in the last few days. On the 28th Reese started crawling! I can't believe she is already old enough to be doing that. I have a video of her that I'm going to load onto the blog, maybe next post. She seems so much older now! She crawls all over the house, goes between laying, crawling, and sitting positions, tries to climb out of her crib (so we lowered it last night), and climbs up things (fireplace mantle, on top of toys). This girl is FULL of spunk and we just lover her, but know that we've got our work cut out for us, she is one mobile and curious little gal. We've harvested a lot out of our garden this year. Right now the tomatoes, carrots, and green onions are ready to eat. Reese and I picked some carrots the other day and turned them into yummy carrot cake!!
All last week I thought that Reese was finally getting some teeth (can you believe it, a few days shy of 8 months and still no teeth - I got mine at 5 months, Eric at 11 months, so who knows when she'll get them) she was a little grumpy and wanted to be held a lot. Well, two days ago a rash showed up all over her body. Turns out she has Roseola, a viral infections that almost all kids get before age 2. Luckily she is over the not feeling good part, now she just has the rash.
A story for me to remember: Last night was Reese's first time sleeping in her lowered crib. Well, it was too exciting for her to sleep. She can finally see her whole bedroom from bed and all night long I could hear her making noises. When I'd go in and check on her, she'd start flapping her arms with excitement (a Reese trademark) and babble to me. I'd find her binky (under her bed, across the room, at the other end of the bed) give it to her, put her blanket by her and tell her she needed to go to sleep. She didn't take me seriously, and spent most of the night crawling around and playing in her crib. Hopefully tonight will be better???
P.S. School starts tomorrow. I have my backpack ready, I'll be making my lunch this evening, and getting to bed at a decent hour. I'm excited! Reese will be playing with my dad and Camla tomorrow. Camla had to get her appendix out last Thursday, I think, and is home from school this week, my dad is taking the day off, so Reese will go entertain them :)


Whitney Bonnett Taylor said...

Can't believe she's crawling. Sad how fast they grow up. It's funny because I always see what Reese is doing, and I know exactly what Tula will be up to in two months.
I love the story of her in her crib. haha I started laughing. So cute. I can just imagine her in her crib flapping her arms and getting so excited. haha.
They just get more fun by the week!

jenna said...

crawling is just a whole new ball of wax huh?! i'm thinking i need to lower the crib too!!!

Kari Ann said...

Nakita, Reese is so cute...and so big!

Jacob and Rachel Ellis said...

She is such a doll. We are dying to meet her! love you guys!