Tuesday, August 18, 2009


We got home from our trips Saturday evening and I've been wanting to post about them but once again I think I'll have to put it off until tomorrow.

A few things I will post, since I'm not ready to load all the pics from the trip.

- I ATE IT down our stairs yesterday. I was carrying my scriptures down so we could read before Eric left to work. I was probably on the third step down and slipped and slammed backwards and bent my upper back/neck on the top step then tumbled to the bottom where I laid on the floor for a while crying while Eric rubbed my back. I don't remember ever falling that hard down stairs. I'm still REALLY sore and want to just take a nap.

- I've got to go do some work with a lady in my ward, which work I'm thankful for, but am not in the mood to do (mostly because I want a nap and still have a lot of work to do around my house since we were gone for 2 weeks.)

- I just had a hot bath and hot chocolate. It is August!! But doesn't feel like it.

- Reese is looking so much older. I swear within the last 2 weeks she has lost a lot of her baby looks and is looking like a toddler. Sad, fun, exciting, terrifying....she is a pretty gal!!

- I love the feeling of not knowing how things are going to work out but knowing that they will. I'm thankful for the guidance and comfort of the spirit.

- School starts in 13 days. I'm REALLY excited! I've always liked learning and I'm excited to go back. I'll admit that I am a bit sad that this semester is my last semester of classes before I graduate. The only downer to going back is having to leave Reese for an hour twice a day everyday and an additional 2 hour block on Thursdays. At least I'm leaving her with people I know will take care of her like I would - and at least I don't have to leave her for huge blocks of time.

- Reese just woke up, time to feed her, and off we go to work.


Michelle said...

Sorry you fell down the stairs girly! Jaden did that last week and ended up in the ER! Fun stuff!! Good to see you guys at church Sunday, feels like it's been forever! That's great you get to go to powell with family. It is one of our most favorite places in the world!!! Who are you working with?? Starting school again, eh?? Gosh I feel like it's been forever since we caught up. Who will you leave Reese with??

Lindsay said...

I miss you! Just reading this post makes me miss ya! I hope everything is ok with yourself. I am sorry you fell down the stairs! THAT HURTS! I know how ya feel about the baby changing to a toddler thing. It is a sad and happy feeling at the same time! Bitter sweet you can call it :) I love ya and feel better

Silvia said...

Your story reminds me of me last winter! I was WALKING SO CAREFULLY down the stairs from my apt, because I knew it was slippery and of course, I slipped on ice and did exactly the same thing. Seriously. It hurt so bad and I cried for like ten minutes after I got back inside while Garrett rubbed my lower back. But then again I slip all the time, so maybe there wasn't ice and I am just clumsy. Boo for stairs.
PS- Are the Tetons not just phenomenally gorgeous this time of year?