Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lake Powell [August 9 - 15]

On Saturday, August 8, we got home from our Teton trip. The 8th was filled with packing, food preparations, and loading the car for Powell the next day. We had a wonderful trip to Powell and were spoiled by our brother-in-law Bryan's parents who took us on their houseboat (which is the nicest I've ever seen) and let us use their ski boat, speed boat, and waverunners. Thanks Sundells!! Reese didn't love going very deep in the water but LOVED sitting in it and splashing. Reese was entertained all week by her cousins (Nadya seen above).
The houseboat, speed boat, and one of the waverunners. Eric, Reese, and I slept outside on the second floor every night except the last. The last night, when we slept inside, I woke up around 3 am burning hot so Eric and I went and jumped in the lake, then we slept REALLY good.
Chase was SO excited to ride the waverunners. The first night (Sunday) we stayed parked at the slips. When I got up in the night to feed Reese, at probably 4 am, Chase was sitting on one of the waverunners that were still parked on trailers on the second floor. He then noticed me and ran to the 3rd floor where his bed was set up. I was laughing - he was like a kid on Christmas Eve.
The guys did a lot of fishing with some fishing line and a hook that Chase brought. They'd fish with leftovers and caught a lot of fish. The guys were also big into rock tumbling. They would hike up the mountains and tumble rocks down the cliffs. It was enjoyable watching and listening to the rocks tumble from the comforts of the houseboat :)
A couple of the nights Eric entertained us with really cool fireworks. The kind that shoot way up in the sky and explode into big beautiful bursts of color. That is a pretty sight at the lake!!
I got more cuddle time with Reese than I have since she was a newborn. Reese isn't much of a cuddler, but on both our Teton trip and Powell trip she would get so tuckered out that she'd cuddle with me and fall asleep while I was holding her. I couldn't get enough of it!
Every morning after breakfast and a wakeboarding trip, Kris and Nancy Sundell would take us all in their speedboat to some place to do a little hike. It was SO fun.
This was the hike to rainbow arch.
Reese and her daddy sipping water under the arch.
Reese has to drink out of your water bottle or glass if she sees you with one. She used to drink out of them the right way, but now she's digressed and sticks her whole mouth over the opening of the bottle, which leaves MANY more floaties, but at least she has fun right?
The whole group: Me, Reese, Eric, Jared (Eric's older brother), Emily, Chase, Silas, Mila, Cousin Ben, Nadya, Dan (Eric's youngest brother), Kristin (Eric's younger sister - married to Bryan Sundell), Helena, Mom Ellis, Nancy Sundell, Dad Ellis, Abby (Bryan's younger sister and Reese's favorite friend on the trip), Kris Sundell, Lily, Bryan, and Ellyse.
Eric and Reese got to spend a lot of good quality time together on our trips. We had crazy hair the whole time. It's hard to avoid when you're jumping between water, sun, and wind from the boats all the time.
Eric fishing for carp with Reese's piggies. ;)
These next couple pics are taken on Abby's favorite hike.

One day Kris turned on the engines of the houseboat, which makes a lot of water current. They have a slide on the 3rd story and you can slide down it into the current and it pushes you way out into the lake. It was very fun.
Mom Ellis with Silas.
On the speedboat going to some Indian Ruins.
Reese looks really scared in this picture. She enjoyed the boat for the most part but every once in a while would want to be re-adjusted to face a different way. Oh, and she HATED her lifejacket, not that I blame her, if mine fit like a kid lifejacket I'd be clausterphobic and be screaming if someone put me in it. Plus kids don't have very long necks and always end up with a lifejacket rash on their chin/neck area.
Cool hole through the mountain. Eric you're one handsome beast - look at you!!
Playing with the wind. Always a fun thing to do!!
Thank you Sundells for the fun trip, thanks mom and dad Ellis for all the drinks and treats, and thanks everyone for the good meals and for all the help with Reese (especially Abby).


MEG said...

Aahhhhhhh. LOVE Lake Powell. Love your pictures! Glad you guys had fun!

Lindsey S. said...

Fun Trip! I love Lake Powell. This is the first year of my life I haven't gone. :(

Michelle said...

trip looks like a blast!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Lake Powell, one of mine/our favorite places on this earth...I grew up there, so hearing about someone going or seeing pictures just makes me 'lake powell sick' especially now that NONE of my family has a boat any day, though, one day we'll have one and get to go play whenever we want! Looked like too much fun!
Oh in response to the HCG thing...I was just curious...I have no desire to do it...I am not looking to loose any weight, tone and such, but weight wise, I am back where I wanted to be...I was just wondering since I know youknow so much about that stuff and soooo many people I know are doing it and think it's the greatest thing and 'healthies't thing ever (especially because the one guy - that came up with it said so)' always had worried me but I never really talked to anyone about it that knows nutrition and stuff like that! My mom is wanting to do it! Anyway, blah blah...I am rambling! Was good to hear your input though...I totally agree with it, but they seem to think its fab!

Abby said...

It was so much fun going with you! You, Erik and Reese were way fun to play with the whole week. Thanks for letting me watch Reese. She is so cute!

Kayla R. said...

OH I AM SO JEALOUS!!!! HOw fun! you look so GOOD:)

jenna said...

what a fun trip! lake powell is the best.

David and Melissa said...

Holy moly! What a great trip! Those are some amazing places, I sure am jealous. And Reese is on her way to being a sun godess, just like you Nakita!

Whitney Bonnett Taylor said...

looks like a whole lot of "bath water" fun! haha.
I love Reese's hair... it's all over the place. So cute. Looks like a baby chick.