Saturday, August 1, 2009

Trial Run

We're getting ready to leave on our Teton backpacking trip, so we decided last night that we'd do a trial campout with the gear we're taking with us. It was a good thing to do. The temperature was cold during the night, the same as we will experience up in WY, so we were able to experiment with the gear to see if we were warm enough. Reese's "sleeping bag" is her cotton/poly snowsuit that my sister Aubrey gave her when she was a baby. She was plenty warm and slept through the night. That was a relief. I did decide to sew her a fleece bag with a triple thick bottom to act as her sleeping mat, it will add even more warmth and a lot more comfort.

Eric slept pretty good, once he did up his sleeping bag's zipper. I was too cold, so I'm borrowing a sleeping bag from Eric's brother Jared. I never sleep with pillows when backpacking, but after having a huge kink in my neck, and realizing I'm going to be carrying a backpack for 4 days, I've decided I will take my thermarest pillow with me. It won't add much weight to my pack and will help me sleep much better.

The campout also made us realize how amazingly awesome the tent we're staying in is. It is just the perfect size for me and Eric to lay side by side and Reese to lay sideways by our heads. And it is SUPER easy to set up!! The campout reminded me that I want to pack toques to keep our heads warm at night, longjohns, some babyfood (because my milk supply doesn't seem to be enough for Reese - even though I've been trying to keep it built up for this trip - and I don't know how it will be effected by lots of backpacking), a changing pad to lay down when we take breaks while hiking, gdiapers (they are biodegradeable so you don't have to pack them out with you - hallelujah!!), benedryll, baby ibuprofen, baby orajel, and a few other things (can you tell I'm making this list to refer to when packing?) Gotta be prepared :)

The next couple weeks are FULL of vacation. I'm excited! I'll be soaking in the fun, to prepare myself for my last semester of classes, which will start on the 31st of this month. I won't be blogging for a couple weeks, but will be taking many pictures and mental notes to post once I'm home. Wish us luck!


jenna said...

you guys are so lucky. and BRAVE! andrew's family is from the teton valley. it has a special place in our hearts. BEAUTIFUL. i'm sure you've been but i'm jealous! have fun!

Terra said...

Good luck - you guys will have a blast. Travis, Trynitee & I will miss you 3 tonz! Can't wait to hear the stories!

Lindsey S. said...

We just got back from a vacation and i swear I took the entire house with me.

em ♥ muffin said...

dang! i can't imagine hiking with a baby, you guys are rockstars!

Whitney Bonnett Taylor said...

Let me know how hiking with Reese went.
Hope you're having a blast.

Lindsey and Orlando said...

Way to go girl! You are one buff woman! :) I love it!