Thursday, February 14, 2013

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I didn't take many "pregnancy pics" while pregnant this time around. Reese took this one of me at 25 weeks pregnant. I put on weight and pooched out quickly with this third pregnancy, which had me slightly worried. But in the end it worked out great. I stayed about the same weight the last couple of months, and even lost a few pounds in the last few weeks. (Maybe from all the walking at Disneyland in January). It is weird how different each pregnancy is, even though they are all taking place in the same body.
 The kids love being outside. We cannot WAIT for spring to come. Reese asks at least once a day when it is going to be Summer. And when I tell her we still have a while she gets frustrated and says "but I want it to be Summer now, I want to go to Seven Peaks".
 Reese has a special bond with her cousins. She LOVES them and she is loved right back. She is a really easy girl to like!
 Eric taught Reese the art of tying another person up :) I got a kick out of watching the two of them take turns tying each other up.

 One Sunday last fall we went on a drive up the Mirror Lake highway. It was GORGEOUS! We are definitely a road-tripping family. Eric and I are one in the same, with our love of going for long drives and exploring. Whether our kids have it bred into them or if it is due to the fact that they road-trip from birth, I don't know, but they also enjoy going for drives and travel long distances really well. Hopefully all our future additions to the family will likewise enjoy!
 Frozen Provo River Falls
 I adore these three!!
 Kids with undies on their heads after bath time.
 We stayed at one of Micah's places at Zermatt and went for a late night swim. It was freezing cold outside, so when we got back to the house Eric blew Reese's hair dry with our air pump so she wouldn't have to go to sleep with wet hair :)
 Playing in the leaves at the neighbors house. It is so nice having neighbors that like to hang out :)
 Reese has gotten really good at her letters. I need to work with her more because she is way interested and learns quick. She loves practicing letters and oftentimes has me spell things out for her so she can write them.

 Playing in one of the first snow falls.

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