Monday, February 11, 2013

More Summer/fall activities

I was excited to show my kids how to play with the vacuum hose. I always LOVED playing with it as a kid, and they were equally as thrilled!
 Kids are the BEST! Although they are LOTS of work, they are also all sorts of fun, entertainment, goofiness, and personality! A day is packed full of things my kids do that awe me, make me laugh, or simply put a smile on my face.
 Reese is probably the best big sister to ever exist. And the best oldest child to ever exist. I am blessed! And so are her little brothers.
 The state fair was a blast, as always! The sheep LOVED Eric :) We went on this long bumpy slide a few times, that you go down on burlap sacks, that was a lot of fun. Reese especially liked it because she could go on her own. Jared, Sarah, and Parker Swanson came with us, Jared was a good sport and went on the spinning ride with the kids.

Sugar House park yet again :) And Ivan in an outfit that made me want to squeeze him all day. He felt so squishy in an all cotton outfit!
 Ivan likes playing cowboy. He has recently figured out the motion to ride the horse by himself. After he rides it he always insists on getting off and then turning the horse on so he can lay on the ground and watch how the mechanism move.
 EVERY time we go to Old Navy Reese demands that I take her picture next to the mannequins.
 Kaylyn had her 1st birthday party in September. The Christensens always have a pinata at their parties. Reese got crowd shy and started tearing up and trying to hide when it was her turn. So I helped her.
 My grandma and grandpa Boldt have lots of lawn ornaments in their yard. When I was growing up, the pee pee man was mine and my cousins favorite. We thought it was SO funny. Ivan found it at one of our Sunday dinners up there and was quite intrigued. Maybe I need to get one to help potty-train Ivan??
 Reese's homemade rollercoaster :)
 Reese LOVES getting pretty. And I think she really likes all the princess comments that she gets when we go out on errands.

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