Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Keeping busy

 One week I received a couple of different shipments that were packaged in large boxes. The kids were in HEAVEN. We made them into cars and they played in them for hours on end. The only mishap was when Ivan stuck his keys in an outlet, rather than the cardboard ignition. He learned that that isn't a good idea. Luckily no major injuries!
 The kids love wearing mine and Eric's shoes. Their latest thing is to stick one pair on their feet and another pair on their hands and walk on all fours.
 One of the saving graces during Fall semester was Eric being in a softball league. One night a week he would have a game, so that was my excuse to not think about homework and just enjoy going out with he and the kids for a couple of hours and watching him play.

 We bought a Discovery Gateway Museum pass, which was a good idea. My kids love that place! And I love that they just play and use their imaginations like crazy while we are there.
 We also bought a zoo pass, which we used a TON when the weather was nice. I can't wait for it to get nice again so we can start going again.

The kids enjoy riding their bikes, so on occasion we venture out further than our driveway. This time we went a few blocks over to drop something off at a friend's house. There were some slightly uphill sections and on our way home, Reese decided she needed to take a break and relax her legs :)
 This girl has KILLER eyelashes! Up until just this last year, she had problems with getting her upper lashes caught under her lower lid, I'm not sure how she managed to accomplish such a thing numerous times, but it always led to lots of tears and me having to pry her lids apart and free the lashes.
 Eric is a lucky man. He gets to work in the state capitol, which is such a beautiful building. We love to go visit him and have him show us around. The kids think he works in a castle (or sometimes they refer to it as a temple), and Reese likes to dress up in princess dresses if she knows that's where we are going.
 Eli had his birthday party at Lowe's extreme sports last October. It is a fun place with lots of trampolines and foam pits. Ivan and Reese were both in heaven and way more daring than I would've thought. Both were jumping off platforms higher than I thought they'd be comfortable with, and Reese enjoyed impressing the crowd with her front flips into the foam pits. Sometimes that girl loves attention and sometimes she loathes it. This day she LOVED it!
 Just a picture of my pretty girl on one of the first cool days of the Fall.

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