Monday, February 11, 2013

BIG time catch up!

I have a lot of blogging to catch up on. It is overwhelming! But every day that passes makes it even more overwhelming, so I am going to start!! Fall was BUSY! I was in school full time, pregnant, and being mom and wife. Those are my excuses for not blogging.

I don't even know when most of these things took place, simply that they did, sometime between August and today :)
 Reese and Ivan love going to Trafalga. We met friends there a couple times while the weather was still nice. Reese made it to the top of the rock climbing wall thanks to Eric's encouragement while he climbed next to her. She was so proud!
 We visited Sugar House park (and many other local parks) multiple times a week. These two play together real well, and Reese loves to help her little bro out.
 Ivan inherited a bike this Fall and LOVES it! He is actually getting the pedaling motion down pretty good already, which impresses me. I'm sure this coming spring he is really going to take off.
 We spent some time up at our Heber house doing some maintenance work. It made me realize how different Reese and Ivan's childhood would be growing up there. They can roam free and explore, which they did almost the whole time we were there.
 I love this picture of Eric staining the entryway!
 Ivan is obsessed with motorcycles. He spent a lot of time "driving" dad's motorcycle. He tells me that when he gets bigger he is going to ride motorcycles. No doubt!
 Pretty Reese digging in the dirt. Another favorite warm weather past time.
 I dyed my hair brown during the Fall semester. I've never been anything but blonde, so it was quite the change. Although I liked the look, I didn't like the fact that Eric couldn't find me as quickly places, I had to re-introduce myself to most people, and the light re-growth that would come in was not a pretty mix.
 We went to Kamas a few times to visit Auntie Cheryl and once to go swim at the Kamas pool. After swimming we stopped at the diner for dinner and a milkshake. They were out of most of their menu items, some event had taken place that increased their business beyond their supplies, but we finally settled on burgers, fries, and a shake.
 Eric is a good dad and lets the kids "help" him work. Ivan is especially interested in seeing what Eric is doing and trying to imitate him.

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