Friday, July 10, 2009


My sister Aubrey and her family came up a couple weeks ago for dinner. It was a lot of fun having them over. Chelsea and Eli are SO cute with Reese and she LOVES them!! She always giggles so much at the things Chelsea and Eli do. Chelsea, 'the princess', is coaching Reese on being a princess. Reese is definitely learning from the BEST!!

The whole crew

After dinner we drove up to a lake above our house. FYI - there will be no pictures of Eli because he got carsick and threw up all over his clothes so he had to where Chelsea's Disney Princess nightgown. Didn't want to creat blackmail worthy pics for the sweet boy.

Reese happy to be out!

Family Pic

My Beauty of a sister Aubrey and her daughter Chelsea (notice the Princess shoes - I wasn't lying, she IS the princess.)

Aubs and Jer

The guys kept seeing things in the lake and finally caught one of those "things". Twas a salamander.

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The Taylors said...

I love Reese's outfit! so cute!
Aubrey really does look so pretty in that picture of her with Chelsea!