Friday, July 10, 2009

Peaceful Sleeping?

A couple mornings ago after Reese woke up, I put her in bed to play with her daddy while I did a couple things downstairs. Five minutes later I walked back upstairs and saw this precious sight. Eric and Reese both back to sleep. I thought, "maybe they're faking", but then I remembered that Reese wouldn't fake to be asleep.Ever since Reese was born, our nights haven't been the normal deep sleep filled experiences they used to be. Well at least not mine (except the last week and a half, I'm thinking she is getting the hang of sleeping through the night). Eric experienced what I experience most nights for the first week or two, but now he doesn't hear her. Somehow he has learned to block her noises out at night. Anyway, sometimes when I climb back into bed after fixing Reese's problem, Eric wakes just enough to start talking but not remember it in the morning. I wish I could remember all the things he has said but here are a couple.

Eric: "You're dirty."
Nakita: "What?" (wondering what sort of dirty)
Eric: "Ewe! You're dirty. Go take a shower!"
Nakita: "Whatever."

Then yesterday morning I caught a glimpse into his mind after listening to Clive Cussler books on disc.

Eric: "Why do we have to stand in the middle of the crosshairs?"
Nakita: "I don't know."
[long pause]
Eric: "Do you know the answer or not?!?!"
Nakita: "What is a crosshair?"
Eric: "It is where the guns are aiming"
Nakita: "Where are the guns?"
Eric: "All around us".

It was kind of fun. Made me realize how much fun it will be to have little boys with imaginations full of weapons and war. And made me realize Eric still has that mind, just doesn't typically share those thoughts openly :)


Lindsay Jane said...

I love that picture - one of the cutest I've seen in a long time. It was great to see you guys the other night - we need to hang out more often.

Terra said...

That is so dang funny! Travis used to say funny things in his sleep...I miss those days :) You should record it or something sometime! - That "dirty" comment was the best!!