Friday, July 10, 2009

The Ever-Daunting Yard

If you've been to our house you know that our yard is big but unusable (covered in scrub and other unwelcome plants/rocks/etc.) Well, finally we decided that we needed to make part of the yard usable so that Reese would have somewhere to play while she was too little to hike around through the rest of the yard. And of course, so I could sunbathe and we could have picnics and such :) It isn't finished, we are waiting for the grass to come in but here are some pictures of the progress we've made. Thank you Travis for bringing your tractor over and spending the greater part of a Saturday making us a wonderfully smooth area to plant grass. And a pretty shape if I might add.
The pic above is right after we seeded and watered the dirt.

Thank you Dan for letting Eric and I get rocks from your property! It made our yard look a lot prettier.
Another portion of the yard

The last portion of the yard.
The yard turned out much larger than I was expecting and I was pleasantly surprised. Thanks Eric for ALL your hard work and all the long hours you've put into getting this yard going. Thanks Reese for being a doll and being happy even when we drag you in between our house, Dan's lot, Home Depot, and town, and wake you up from your naps 1 1/2 hours early to run an errand for the yard, and being a champ while playing in your stroller or backpack while we work on things.
Once the grass is in I'll post a last picture to show off the beauty :)


Kristen Sundell said...

It looks really good so far. I bet Reese will love playing in the grass.

Michelle said...

Lookin really nice girl! I really like it. How is the grass coming??

Jay & Tammi Roberts said...

IMPRESSIVE! It looks awesome, that is a lot of hard work! Hey, are you guys coming to Bear Lake? I hope so, I really want to see your little one!

The Taylors said...

looks like your grass is coming in good! I love your green house so much! It makes me want one.

Alison said...

I love seeing the progress. How us your greenhouse garden doing?