Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Whit and Tula

We had some visitors the other day and boy were we grateful that they made the drive up to hang out with us. Whitney Taylor (formerly Bonnett) and her little Tula came and hung out with us. We had a mighty fine time going on a walk and just chit chatting.

You know how you have some friends that even if you don't see each other a whole lot, when you do see each other, everything picks up just as normal and it seems like nothing has changed. Well, Whitney is that friend to me. We luckily see each other pretty often these days because we like to get together with our girls, but even the times when we wouldn't see each other for a real long time (like when she went to Ukraine or BYUI, or right after we both got married), things picked up like always. I always love being around Whitney and am glad we met at Centennial Middle School about 10 years ago.
It's fun that Tula is only 2 months younger than Reese. They really enjoy one another's company :) Whit, we should plan for a P.C. Shopping trip next week....what do you say??

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