Thursday, February 4, 2010


Tomorrow morning I'll be a mom of 5 girls for 10 days. I'm quite excited! My aunt and uncle are going on a cruise so Eric and I get to go live with my cousins while their parents are gone. 'Twill be fun! I'm glad I won't have homework or anything else to worry about so I can focus on having fun with the girls and try to keep up with their extremely busy schedules (school, dance, and dance performances.)

Reese LOVES going upstairs but is SUPER obedient. It is funny to me that she understands things so well and actually obeys. What a good kid! She attempts going up the stairs multiple times an hour but if she hears me say "Stay downstairs, don't go up" she will stay at the bottom of the stairs even if I'm not watching her. She will however debate with me for a long time why she should be able to go up. It is cute! She stares at me and talks and talks with tones that definitely sound like she is giving me reasons why she should go up. If I don't give in, she'll eventually crawl back down the stairs (an ability I've been trying to teach her but didn't know she actually picked up). If I say, "ok, you can go up now" she takes off up the stairs [typically saying "DADA" as she makes her way straight towards Eric's office to say hi to him.] We haven't been perfect with the 30 minutes a day outside playing goal but we've done pretty well. Eric tucked Reese's blankets in around her before I took her on a walk yesterday and she was out within 10 minutes.
I love those pretty eyelashes. Ah, she is such a little angel!
Today we opted for playing in the snow over going for a walk. She doesn't like that her boots weigh 1/2 her body weight, and that her coat makes it so she can't get her arms down to her sides. So other than the frustration that came from those two things we had a good time swishing the snow around with our gloves, making snowballs, throwing them up, and smashing them while in the air, watching Hoover sharpen her claws on the tree bark, and kicking our boots on the rocks to make noise.
This morning while eating breakfast Reese started gabbing like crazy. I looked over at her and she was staring at a fly that was flying into the window repeatedly. She was so entertained. Later today the fly got worn out and was crawling/hopping/bursts of flying on the floor. Reese followed it around for a while. Then just an hour ago she found the fly again. This time it wasn't moving across the floor but was laying on its back kicking its legs. She was enchanted by it. She would touch it and then pull away with a face full of disgust. But she kept going back for more, until the little fly passed on (I think).


Lindsey S. said...

How adorable. she sounds just like bailey. So interested in everything even if they are a simple fly. to them it's amazing!

Lindsey S. said...

That last picture just kills me by they way.

The Curleys said...

Thats precious! They can be so easily entertained sometimes!

Amber Ellis said...

I get such a kick out of your blog Nakita! It feels like I am there, keeping up with all the latest (especially the fun every-day stuff) Your descriptions are priceless!

Brandon and Katie said...

She is so dang cute!! I can't wait to find out what I'm having.

I have a quick question- for some reason i thought you were majoring in Exercise Science. is that right or am i way off? i thought i read that or something. well, if you are (or were if you're done now!) did you enjoy it? i'm seriously considering it at byu but wanted some input from someone that has experienced the major themselves.


Whitney Bonnett Taylor said...

Reese was probably poking the fly wanting to play. haha
I love the story of her wanting to go upstairs.... it's weird how they understand. I love that she tries to explain her reasons for wanting to go up... cute little personality.

Rachel and Todd said...

Oh, thank you! I try to help him learn. The truth is, I'm always kicking myself, feeling guilty over how much "Elmo" he watches! I think it's compensation from guilt. :) But, whatever the motive, the result is good, I guess.
I think we're both online now. Both babies must be asleep.
I hope to see you some time! Maybe the 10-year reunion . . .

Hua said...

These pictures are so cute! She is growing up so fast.

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Silvia said...

Oh my, I hope my future children are as sweet and obedient as Reese! She is getting so big, looks a lot like your husband-- at least I think so!