Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mobile Uploads

My dad emailed me these pictures from his phone. Fun memories! It is too bad this picture is so blurry but I just love how my mom is looking at Reese. Reese couldn't have grandparents who adored her more.

Camla and Reese at my g-ma and g-pa Boldt's 50th anniversary!

A few weeks ago when Reese and I were in Provo, my dad took us to Jimmy John's for lunch. Reese was being such a cheese ball!
I had Chelsea come over to my parents' house the other day to play with me while Reese napped. We played animals forever! I love the imagination this little girl has!
Me and Reese at the 50th party.
Eric is gone more often in the evenings now because he is back in school, so my parents called me and asked if I wanted to meet them in Heber for dinner. They are so nice to travel up the canyon just to give me and Reese some company.

I love this picture! Reese and her Papa. They have such a cute and sweet relationship!

Reese was playing at Papa and Grandma's house and was SO facinated by the ornaments on the Christmas tree.

This is Reese at a family dinner at my Grandparents house a few months ago. She was having fun sitting on the table being the center of attention :)


Karenin Jaar Robison said...

awww i love her little sweater dress!

Alison said...

She is so cute! and her clothes are adorable. you can really tell how happy she makes everyone around her.

Whitney Bonnett Taylor said...

I love how her legs are crossed in so many of these pictures.. haha so cute! That's cute that your parents drove up to take you two to dinner.

Kayla R. said...

she just gets cuter and cuter!!! oh i just LOVE all these pics:)