Sunday, February 21, 2010

Reese was glad that I had to make the dessert for our YW/YM etiquette dinner. I made Eclair Tortes and Reese definitely enjoyed the vanilla pudding/cream cheese mixture. After a bath we went outside to walk around on the driveway. Reese would be the happiest child alive if we could live outside, she has got a bad case of cabin fever.
Her and Hoover (the cat) have a love hate relationship. Reese loves Hoover, but I don't think Hoover's feeling are the same :)
Reese is now VERY fond of eating snow. She puts it in her mouth non-stop while we are out.
One of Reese's favorite things is to push Hoover away from her cat dish (see why Hoover might not love Reese) and start stuffing cat food in her mouth with one hand, while transferring the cat food from the food bowl to the water/milk dishes with the other hand (a habit that I need to break her from).
Maybe I should care that she eats cat food, but I really just don't. It's not gonna hurt her, so I figure I'd give her some of her own the other day so she wouldn't take Hoover's away.


Kristen Sundell said...

You need to come visit us down here. The weather is great and I've been able to go to the park and for walks a ton. Plus we just need to hang out.

Whitney Bonnett Taylor said...

haha you are so funny. I love that you give her her own cat food haha. They look like two best buds (Hover and Reese) in that picture.