Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Never got around....

To posting about THE most eventful wedding of 2009! Mostly because I didn't have any pictures to post (I stole these off Rachel's facebook). Eric's cousin Micah finally married his beautiful girlfriend of over 4 years, Rachel, back on December 28th!! We couldn't have been more excited for them! They are so perfect for each other

Friends! (I know, I didn't make sure my face was visible to the photographer.)

The Men:

Grandma Gwen wasn't too fond of the snow falling into her hair and having to be in the cold for so long to get pictures taken. Eric was having quite the dilemma - photographer telling Eric to wheel Grandma over to get pictures taken and Grandma saying, "No, just take me to the car." Photographer got her way.

I am so glad Micah and Rachel are now married! Now I can stop stressing over whether or not they will break up since they are now hooked forever!! And I'm excited for them to have little Micah and Rachels to play with our little Eric and Nakitas :) I see many family vacations together in the future!!

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Quigley Family said...

I loved this wedding celebration!