Monday, February 1, 2010


Today I finally did a switch-a-roo that I've been needing to do for a LONG time! The cupboard that Reese is by is usually filled with glass jars of baby food, cereal, and snacks. The tupperware was in another cupboard that also had glass things in it, so it had a door lock on it. So to sum it up, Reese didn't have any cupboards that I felt comfortable letting her freely play in. Today I moved the baby food to the locked cupboard and the tupperware to the cupboard with cereal and snacks. Now she can have free range of that cupboard. It kept her occupied for a long time earlier today.

Oh, and that shirt reminds me of the task I still have not completed! CRAP! I have had all of Reese's Canadian citizenship papers filled out for a year now but I have to get like 10 notaries done, and it is a pain to find time when both Eric and I (since we both have to be there) can go get them notarized while the bank is open. My goal is to have it DONE this month. Hopefully I follow through, this month is a BUSY one!


Lindsay Jane said...

We have lots of notaries at APX. If you want to stop by one night I can have someone help you.

PS Your baby is still darling.

Rachel and Todd said...

I remember making that same move with our tupperwares. It's a move you'll hardly regret. She's a doll, by the way!

Kayla R. said...

oooohhhh dont you just LOVE all the switch a roo's made when they can walk around...everything 2 feet and under has to be made baby proof! ha ha LOVE IT

Prina Family said...

I havent been here in a while, Reese is getting so big and she is so cute! I love that picture on your header too!