Sunday, July 11, 2010

The 4th weekend

It was kind of nice having the 4th of July on a Sunday this year so that it would be celebrated on Monday and make for a long weekend. Friday we decided to go camping. We tried to find a free camping site up American Fork canyon so we could hike to Timp Caves Saturday morning but due to the long weekend, it was all booked. Early Friday, after I found out there were no spots up AF canyon, I drove down to Mona to see if I could find a spot at Burriston Ponds before evening hit and everything was sure to be gone. I did find one spot and set up our tent in a crazy wind storm, luckily the wind worked in my favor to help me get the rainfly over the tent all on my own. I was pretty proud of my pro tent setting up skills. Reese was good, like always, and just stuck around next to me and threw rocks into the pond while I set things up.

Friday evening once Eric got off work we headed back to Mona together and he was very happy with the spot. I was glad. I thought it might be a crappy spot because during the wind storm it seemed like it'd be really dusty, but once the wind had stopped it turned out to be probably the best spot of the whole place. We cooked hotdogs over the fire for dinner and marshmallows for dessert. Reese LOVED the campfire and was such a happy girl all evening - even with staying up until 11pm.

Once she was in bed, Eric and I got to just chill and enjoy good conversation. Always the best!
In the morning we played on the rope swings and kayaked around the pond. At lunch time we packed up camp and went to the local burger joint for lunch, then headed back to Provo to get things in order before the big "4th" celebration.

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