Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The new place

An update:

We found a place we love in SLC. We've been moving stuff in for the past week and still have quite a bit more to move in. We should be living there by the beginning of next week but we'll see. We LOVE it. It is cute and little but oh so fun! It is funny going from a house with tilted walls (our home in Heber is a modified a-frame so the walls are slanted inside) to a house with straight walls, it makes it seem so much bigger! I'm SO excited to decorate, I've got all sorts of ideas in mind but need to make sure I chose colors that work with the existing paint color, our new couches, etc. It is kind of fun starting from scratch (since we left our furniture for our renters and our rustic decor doesn't fit too well with the new place) and getting to be creative in making things look cute. Now, if I only had unlimited resources (time, money, energy), that would be awesome.

I've done more manual labor these last couple of weeks than I've done in a LONG time. So I am SORE, but thankfully staying strong and in shape (as much as you can when you're pregnant), and I have a nice tan. So for those things I am thankful.

Eric is working all kinds of hard but is luckily free in the evenings to hang out with me. I love living with this guy, it makes for a whole lot of wonderful moments and thought provoking conversations.

Reese is going through a stage. I don't know if it has to do with the 3+ teeth she has breaking through her gums or what but she has been way grumpier than her typical self (miss happy carefree girl). I need to get creative and think of ways to entertain her throughout the day, maybe she is just bored. Plus, this age is hard for me. She is now in nursury and is now becoming even more independent. She notices when someone takes something from her and in turn yells "no" at them. She doesn't get sharing (despite my efforts) so it is hard when she is playing with other kids. She isn't a bully, but she is also no pushover. Good in the long run, but hard right now, before she learns how to act kosherly. All in all though, she is still fantastic. She is talking a ton more and it is so fun to hear her new words and listen to her jabber nonstop. She is very observant with whatever we are doing and tries to help. She always wants to sit at the sink while I'm doing dishes, pull the laundry out of the baskets as I fold, help weed, etc. It really is endearing.


Whitney Bonnett Taylor said...

Tula is going through a stage too I swear!!! Maybe the PRE-"terrible TWOS"? OH no!!!!!
I can't wait to see your new place. I feel like I'll see you more. I'm in the SLC area more than the Heber area eh. Can't wait to see what you do with them straight walls!
If you're in in the next week or so we should go to the Farmers market there... it's the BEST!!!

 Natalie said...

Nakita! I'm so glad you found a place! I'll make sure I visit, since I NEVER did in Heber!

Whitney Bonnett Taylor said...

a picture paaaalease! of the new palace.

Lindsey Leon said...

I love decorating new places! Good luck and post pictures soon!