Thursday, July 8, 2010

Payson Lakes

We always try to do something fun on the weekends to spend some quality time together and help us get energized for the next work week. A couple weekends ago we headed up on the Nebo loop and went to Payson lakes. I've lived in UT pretty much my whole life and I don't ever recall going there before. It was very pretty and there is a cute walkway all the way around one of the lakes.
Reese has been SUCH a daddy's girl lately. It is totally cute, but doesn't make for good mommy - Reese pictures.She was happy to get to go back to dad.
She loved the freedom of walking in and out of the water by herself.


Alison said...

That looks like loads of fun. Ethan would be tickled pink if Soren liked him more than me.

Lindsey S. said...

Fun! I've only been there because my in-laws live in Payson. In the first picture of Reese her face reminds me so much of a face Bailey makes. Reese is so dang cute!