Sunday, July 11, 2010

Final installation of the 4th weekend

Sunday afternoon we headed to Fremont Indian State Park in Sevier, UT. We had read some info about it online and it seemed like it might be a fun place to camp. We got there and went on a hike to see some Indian hieroglyphs. It was cool and all, but we decided it didn't sound that fun to spend the rest of the evening and the next day hiking in the dry hot weather to see more of the same, so.... we headed further south and found a pretty canyon (Cottonwood canyon) between Marysvale and Junction, UT. It was gorgeous! Definitely a great place to camp! We had a huge area all to ourselves. There was tons of firewood everywhere so we gathered a bunch and had a ginormous fire all evening. We roasted hot dogs once again for dinner. They're always so yummy over a fire!
Reese slept all night, which wouldn't typically be unusual, but it was pretty cold so I was hoping she'd be warm enough with a double layer of fleece and her blankies. She stayed under her blanket the whole night and didn't make a peep. In the morning, after eating some Cap'n Crunch, we walked over to the stream across the road.
Reese enjoyed throwing rocks with Eric.
We will for sure be coming back to this place to camp, it was BEAUTIFUL and such a fun place to camp if you want to be away from the crowds.
Reese was playing the mother Mary in her sleep ;)
On our way home we made lots of stops and found many beautiful places.
This is a fun little lake we found and want to go camping at soon. It is a good place for fishing and was surrounded by cute little campsites and little cabins that used to be rented out but are now completely run down.
We passed a lot of old mining towns on our trip back. There were old mine shafts all over and we stopped at some to check them out.
We drove to Old Frisco Mining Town which is an old town that has been abandoned since the early 1900's (1920 if I remember right). There are open mines all over the place and it's littered with all kinds of stuff that was just left when all the people left.
There were a couple of shafts that dropped WAY into the ground. Eric dropped a rock down one of the shafts and it took probably 5 seconds to hit the bottom.

On the drive home we stopped at this cool looking little gas station in Elberta, UT.

We had such a nice long weekend spending time together as a family.

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Terra said...

So awesome. You guys are the best! I love the things you come up with to do.