Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A mother's brain

Why is it that once we become mothers it is so hard to remember ANYTHING?? Almost daily I think of something I ought to start/stop doing or something I need to get done the next day. If I don't put it in my phone as a reminder that will sound an alarm to remind me, it will not happen and I won't even think twice about having forgotten to do that thing because it will be *poof* out of my brain. Sometimes I think, oh why don't I write that down so I remember, but what happens when I write it down? That piece of paper either gets lost in my Mary Poppins bag, in the mess on my countertop (organization is NOT my strong suit), or gets into the hands of my sweet little girl, in which case it gets colored on with pens, highlighters, and crayons, and I fail to recognize it as my "to-do" or "be better at" list, and it ends up getting tossed under the couch or into the garbage.

How am I ever going to make any changes in my life when my brain won't even kind of remind me to make those changes...any ideas?

(Yes that is a sticker on Ivan's face. Reese is a VERY good sister and saw that he had scratched himself so she put a "bandaid" on him :))


Whitney Bonnett Taylor said...

haha cute the bandaid. Love Ivan's expression. !

Alison said...

It's the nursing in the middle of the night and lack of sleep, I tell ya!

Lindsey S. said...

hahaha! Bailey use to call stickers bandaids. She now knows since her princess sticker book but she use to always ask for "Bandaids!" (stickers) So cute!