Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I cannot believe Reese is 2 years old! So fun but so sad that time goes so darn quick!

Reese had a day full of playing, reading books, and going to the store with me to buy her party decorations.

I was wanting to make her a Despicable Me or Monsters Inc cake since those are her favorite movies but I couldn't find anywhere that sold those toys so when I came across this cool set of sea life I decided they would make for a fun cake and even more fun bath time.

My parents, Don, Camla, and Elise (the Norwegian girl living with my family) all came up for the party.

Reese was so cute opening her presents. She loved ripping through the wrapping paper and then so long as the gift wasn't clothes she would play with whatever she unwrapped for a while before we convinced her to open another present. One of her presents was Yo Gabba Gabba underwear. She was so excited when she saw the packaging. She then wanted us to open it, so we did and got the underwear out of the package. She was pretty disappointed. She kept searching the packaging over and over because she just knew there must be a toy in there somewhere. Oops!

Reese of course joined in on singing Happy Birthday to herself. It is, after all, one of her all time favorite songs.

We finished off the evening with Just Dance. That is one fun game, even when you are a totally awkward dancer like me. Reese loves to dance along and it is totally darling!

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Lindsey S. said...

She is two!! time does go by way too fast. She is so so cute! And again you are so so tiny!