Friday, January 21, 2011


TWO years
22 lbs and a bit (can't remember) - between 5th and 10th percentile - YAHOO!
Between 50th and 75th percentile for height (our new pediatrician does things different, doesn't give an exact percentile and doesn't give me a paper that shows the measurements, and as we know, my brain can sadly only remember so much).

Got 2 shots, flexed quad with first shot so the liquid sprayed out of her leg and all over me - hopefully that still counts as an immunization?, cried only until she saw the pretty bandaids that the nurse was going to put on her owies and was told that she could go home and show daddy; showed off her vocabulary and her VERY strong willed personality. All I can say is she is going to make it in this life with a personality like hers.

TWO months
13 lbs 1 1/2 oz - 95th percentile
Between 90th and 95th percentile for height
Head is between 50th - 75th percentiles - doesn't seem to have the big Christensen head.

Got 3 shots, only cried for 30 seconds; was told it is ok for mom to feed him every 2 hours during the day since he is as big AND tall as he is.


Anonymous said...

Man I felt sorry that they haven't come up with a pain free way of giving vaccinations yet. It's sad to watch the baby sitting there so happy, unaware that a needle is coming their way and you know it hurts because they always scream afterwards. I was just curious if they gave your baby an oral immunization...made me wonder if someday they will all be eaten instead of injected.

Cason and Marie said...

Reese is so big! She is a cutie Nakita! Love your cute little babies.