Wednesday, October 20, 2010


35 1/2 weeks pregnant with the little man. Seriously, is it that close? So many emotions are caught up in having a second child. Despite some nervousness, I can't help but be extremely excited for my heart to grow with even more love. And I'm excited to have a boy. It'll all be new to me and I can't wait to see the personality similarities and differences between he and Reese. I'm pretty sure Eric is also excited to be having a son. Don't get me wrong, he adores Reese with ALL his heart, but I think every guy wishes for at least one son, to share manly things with - the kind girls just don't usually get as excited about. I secretly hope he is a spitting image of Eric, but of course I'll be head over heels with whatever he comes out looking like.

Reese is excited as well I'm sure. She always wants to hold babies, give them their binkies or bottles (even when they are her same size), and whenever she hears a baby crying she gets very concerned and asks me what is wrong. I know she will be a great helper and big sister.

We've limited Reese's binky use to bed/nap time. Today she wanted to sit up on my lap while I was doing something on the computer. She asked me for her binky and I told her, "not right now." She got off my lap and then climbed back up holding her baby doll's blanket and sucking on its binky. Luckily the camera was right by my side so I grabbed it to capture this silly moment.

My sister in law Kristen asked me if I'm going through a cleaning phase. I think I'm going through the opposite. Oh gosh, I NEVER want to clean. Instead I'm going through a crafting phase. I've already talked about some of my sewing crafts. I've completed a few more and last night crocheted a beanie. I get so excited about creating cute things by hand. Gives me quite a sense of accomplishment - because I would've never pictured myself being able to complete or for that fact see myself getting into sewing type crafts.

Now I just want someone to get pregnant and invite me to their shower so I can make them a cute gift!


Lindsey S. said...

I can't believe how soon you are due. Weird to think that I am suppose to still be pregnant with you and Matthew is over 7 weeks old.

I'm dying at Reese's hair. I just posted about Bailey and her hair just like that. Gotta love these girls. Reese reminds me so much of Bailey doing so many of the same things. What a sweetheart!

P.S. You look amazing.

Karenin Jaar Robison said...

you look amazing!!

Rachel said...

You definitely do Kita!

Jacob and Rachel Ellis said...

you are darling Nakita! best of luck with everything. we miss you.

Lindsay said...

U R so stinkin cute!