Sunday, October 3, 2010

What's going on....beware this is probably boring but for my memory book

1) I have a freakin' vericose vein near my left shin. I'm probably doomed to get them (genetics) but I was hoping with running and trying not to cross my legs all my life I might avoid them. I'm just really hoping it will disappear after I lose the baby weight because they are downright annoying. It is sore at certain times of the day and itches. What the....

2) Though 10 lbs lighter than my heaviest ever weight with Reese, I swear my skin is having a harder time stretching. I'm lathering on the Palmer's stretch mark cream multiple times a day trying to ward of the possiblities, we'll see if I can prevent them.

3) My midwife showed me how to feel where the baby's head is and how his body is positioned. It is weird to feel the hard round head (head down thank goodness) and the lumps and bumps that make up his shoulders, back, bum... It is still quite a surreal thing to think that there is an actual miniature human in there.

4) When I was pregnant with Reese time went SO slow. At least one time every day during school and work I'd write down a countdown with every day left and circle which days were holidays, vacations, weekends, dr appointments, etc to try to make it seem like her due date would be here soon. I swear it seemed like I was pregnant for 3 years. This time it has gone by so fast. I'm sure having Reese is the biggest reason for that, someone to take my mind off of myself. Today I wrote down one of those countdowns. I kind of can't believe it is so soon. My body is thankful that it is, but my mind is having a hard time grasping the thought.

5) I'm training a friend right now, twice a week. Can you believe it, me, training someone in my condition? Luckily she can look past my unfit appearance (thanks!) and the training is actually working out well. I can show her what to do for the most part and I love using what I've learned and putting it all together into a progressive program. I'm excited to get back in shape myself. Then, as long as I can juggle it with 2 kids and Eric's schedule, I will find more clients, you know, the kind that won't trust me unless I look like a trainer :)

6) We just got Eric a cruiser bike, and it is really cool. We've gone on rides 2 of the 3 days he has owned it. Once around downtown SLC and once on Antelope Island (more on that in another post with the pics). I like going on rides with him because when I get to a hill he will come up behind me and push on the handle of the bike trailer to take a ton of the weight off. SUCH a relief. It is such a different experience when compared to the mountain biking we've done together. It is so layed back so you can just chat the whole time and in case you don't know, he is an extremely enjoyable person to chat with.


Stain and Katie said...

Nakita I miss you! I am so excited that you are having another baby! It looks like you have had a fabulous summer! You are beautiful!

Rachel and Todd said...

Okay, I have to admit I didn't read everything word for word (I'm pretty tired at the moment), but I think we are VERY similar. This pregnancy I got a stinkin' varicose vein on my right shin, and I hate it! It's not very pretty, but it also is kind of painful. And, I'm feeling, too, that my skin is having a hard time stretching. What's with this? Anyway, it's fun for me to read your pre-baby posts because it makes me so excited, too. I can't wait for this little guy to come! Good luck to you!!