Saturday, October 30, 2010

Floss and snow

Reese insists on brushing her teeth multiple times a day. And she always grabs my toothbrush too because she wants me to brush mine at the same time. I don't complain, there are worse habits :) She is also big into flossing lately. While I get ready for the day Reese hangs out on the bathroom counter and does her make-up, teeth, "eyes" (she takes my contact case and puts water in it and then puts the water in her eyes with her fingers).

The other day when it snowed Reese was having a slight breakdown because she could see her "bike" outside covered in snow. Once the sun came out we bundled up and went out so she could rescue it :)

Reese used to sleep in until 10:30 am. That was AWESOME, now she wakes up at like 6:30 but decided 5:30 was good one day this week. BLAH! Anyway, that makes for a long morning, especially since most stores, libraries, etc don't even open until 10 am. WHY? Don't people realize that by 10 moms and kids have already had a long day??


Lindsey S. said...

Bailey and reese are so much a like it is kind of freaky. The flossing, brushing teeth thing, and the sleeping thing. Bailey was an amazing sleepy for sooo long. As soon as matthew came home she is an entirely different girl. Late nights, early mornings, naps are nearly impossible. She didn't only sleep well but went down sooo easy, now it's the biggest task of our day. Why do they have to switch it up on us. Always keeping us on our toes!

Rachel said...

Kita, Reese is so stinking cute!