Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I know, I know

All my posts seem to be centered around my pregnancy, blah, blah, blah...but can I tell you, that is the thing that occupies my mind most. Plus, the weather hasn't been all that nice, so I sadly haven't gotten the camera out in the past week or so.

I have been checking off things on my "to-do before the baby comes" list. I got a root canal a month ago and had to go this week to get it checked and re-filled with temporary filling to help last until after the baby, at which time they'll replace it with a permanant filling. I have gotten some more Christmas shopping done, but some of the gifts are handmade and though I've purchased most of the things I need to make the gifts, I still need to make them, which is the most time consuming part. I will be going to traffic school tomorrow, not excited about that! As I was getting pulled over for speeding (don't judge) I thought, "I don't have time for any nonsense like traffic school, so please just give me a warning." Well, obviously I wasn't THAT lucky. My parents and sister are coming up tomorrow to play with Reese while I go, bless them!! I knew I better get it done soon, because for sure I wouldn't make it once I have a newborn.

I washed the baby's clothes today and got them all put back away (I'm not sure why I didn't wash them originally). I also got my bags for having the baby mostly packed. It is hard to know what to pack. I'm having the baby at a birthing center and I don't know what they provide, compared to what is provided at a hospital, so currently I feel like I need to cover ALL the bases. I'll check at my appointment this week to see what they do/don't provide. Plus, since my labor and delivery desires are what they are I have a lot of extras to pack, like a birthing ball, music, some of my birthing books and cds, a swimsuit (in case I want to labor a bit in the gigantic tub), multiple different "outfits" because I don't know what I'll want/not want to wear while in labor, etc. Really I just have to pack a lot because I don't know what to expect and I don't want to forget anything that might be of use. I also have to pack a bag for Reese that she can take to my parents'. You see why having this baby is on my mind a lot? There is a lot to do to prepare.

I'm bad at holiday decorating (unless a scarily messy house counts as halloween decorating). It is hard when you are living in a place temporarily and don't want to collect anything that you'll just have to box up and move with you in the semi-near future. And I don't know what my excuse is for having not gathered holiday decorations while living in our home in Heber. Guess I'm just not a fan of buying things that I know I could make, but then I get too lazy or run out of time before the holiday, so I never make nor buy any decor. I do have a pretty good collection of Christmas decorations though, so I guess that gives me a couple non-humbug points.

I just got off the phone with Eric. Why is it that asking him to pick up some ice cream makes me feel like I've just given into some sinful behavior? My head was telling me to ask him to pick some up, but also telling me that I'm trying to eat semi-healthy these last few weeks so don't ask him to. But the nagging overpowered my better judgement...and you better believe I'm going to eat a bowl of it when he arrives home :(

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