Monday, October 4, 2010

Conference Weekend

I always look forward to General Conference weekend. I am always in need of a good spiritual feeding, and conference always fills me with a lot of hope, gratitude, and a push to be better. I will admit that I only got to actually listen to 2 of the sessions without major disruptions (a.k.a. my little princess Reese). I will be downloading all the talks on to my ipod this week so I can catch up on what I missed. I'm excited to continue to be fed!

Micah and Rachel invited us up to their condo in Park City Friday night. We had such a good time hanging out with them and learning the difference between monkeys and apes (thanks animal planet). Between sessions on Saturday we went to Main Street where there was a Viper convention. The whole street was lined on both sides with Vipers. We got some pizza and enjoyed watching the cars heat up their tires as pedestrians would scramble 1/2 a block in front of them (probably not the smartest place guys).
On Saturday afternoon we headed to my family's cabin near Sundance. My parents and Camla were up there and they fed us a delicious meal of pork chops bbq'd over the fire pit, baked potatoes, squash, and sliced garden tomatoes. Yu-hum!

Sunday we got in some more undisturbed conference while Reese napped and then headed for a nice family bike ride on Antelope Island. Don't worry, it was Sunday appropriate (for the most part).

Yep those muscles are the real deal :) Nice flexing Dan!

It didn't take much convincing to get Reese all out excited about playing in the lake. She started out walking with Eric holding hands....

To stripped down to her diaper, throwing mud....

To rolling around....

And becoming thoroughly relaxed and content laying on her belly in the water for a LONG time.

After we'd had enough of the 3 girls and guy who had decided to strip down to their skivies and swim while awkwardly talking about the fact that they were only in their underwear and that their material had become sheer with wetness - no really?(this is why our outing was only MOSTLY Sunday appropriate) and once I had decided Reese's skin had handled enough salt water we rinsed off the sand and headed back to the bikes.

It was a fantastic day! I even got double the amount of pushes on hills on the way to the beach (thanks to 2 guys that switched off pushing the trailer behind me) and Eric was a gentleman and switched me bikes for the way back since it was pretty much all up hill. Thanks babe!


Kristen Sundell said...

Looks like you had a nice weekend. I just enjoyed just hanging out in my jammies on Sunday morning.

David and Melissa said...

FUN!!! You should have started an equally awkward conversation and those guys would have been like... WHAT?! You guys sure have a lot of fun.