Saturday, July 9, 2011


My great grandpa Austin built a cabin near Sundance many years ago. Thankfully it is still in the family for all to enjoy. My parents were up there for a bit in June and we went up on my mom's birthday to celebrate the wonderful angel she is!

Tamla (in Reese's words) is the most amazing aunt. She is extremely involved in all the neices' and nephews' lives and I trust her with my kids more than almost anyone. She is so good with them and they adore her.
 Aubrey made "slime" for the kids to play with. It was a hit! Not only for the kids but us moms too.

 The bell is always fun! What kid doesn't like being able to make loud noises with the pull of a chain?

 I don't know why I was blessed with such a great family - but I was. My dad is as involved a grandpa as I know of - and yes, the kids (and parents) adore him!
 Getting ready to cook some dinner over the fire. Will recently got off his mission and is living back with my family again. It is great having another "brother" around. Don is engaged! Yep you heard it right - engaged - to the beautiful little lady sitting in the chair. We love Amy! I can't wait to have another sister-in-law, especially one as sweet and darling as Amy. I think September can't come soon enough for those two lovebirds :)
 My mama! I can't even explain how amazing she is. When I think of her and the love she has for the gospel, her family, and life, my heart fills with overwhelming gratitude to have this lady as my mom.

I love all the kids helping Grandma blow out her candles :)
 Aubrey and Chels. Chels so reminds me of Aubrey as a little girl and it brings back such fond memories of growing up with Aubs.
 I don't know that Aubrey knew how to pull off the "rat face" like Chels. Chelsea is seriously a total sweetie and complete hoot all in one.
 Reesey babe is beyond happy whenever she gets to hang out with "Mamma and Papa", "Tamla, Don, Mamy (Amy), Aubee, Jemy, EI, and Telsee."
 If you are at one of our family functions, there will be kids crawling all over you at one point or another.
I LOVE this man of mine! Again, why am I so blessed?
 In case I haven't mentioned it, Aubrey is going to have a baby boy - due in October :)!! She's reeeeal excited that Don and Amy planned their wedding within a couple weeks of her due date ;)

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