Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Concerts in the Park

Salt Lake City has SO many fun [and free] activities. Pretty much every night (and in actuality probably every single night) they have some sort of concert/movie/show that is free. Some end up being awesome, others not so much. This event, a concert at Pioneer Park, provided us with fantastic people watching. Do these people really live in the same city I do?? Awesome!

I LOVE these two little munchkins. And can I just say, it just gets more fun all the time! I love seeing them interact. Ivan now pulls himself everywhere - and pretty quickly too - and loves climbing all over Reese trying to get whatever treat or drink she is enjoying. They play really well together and he completely idolizes Reese. He laughs and laughs at her and watches her every move. Just watch out, he LOVES hair and pulls it any chance he gets, and if you aren't quick when giving him a treat, he'll snap down with his two sharp bottom teeth that he acquired a couple weeks back. I think Reese is learning to keep her hair far away from his fingers and toes and to be quick when feeding him treats. The first few months when you have two little kids vying for your attention and one of them being too young to do much interacting with other kids is so worth it once you hit this point. I'm loving this!
 Can you tell Reese loves these glasses? By the fingerprints on the lenses, you can tell they receive a lot of love from her.

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