Thursday, July 14, 2011

Flaming Gorge 2011

Over the 4th of July weekend we went to Flaming Gorge. David and Nicole came along and we had a grand weekend. We made sure to take a stop at Dinosaur National Park. Reese enjoyed looking out the windows for dinosaurs.
 It was blasting hot out! this point.
 The Dam - always makes for good conversations using the word "dam" to describe everything.
 David and Nicole "Toad" - as Reese calls her.
 The weather ended up being pretty nice for the most part. It was plenty warm just filled with rain showers here and there. The water is still really cold so we didn't really swim.
 Eric, David, Nicole, and Reese ventured on the kayaks for a bit.

Reese dragged her arm in the water and became so relaxed that she zonked out! She didn't even stir when we lifted the kayak into the back of the truck.
 We took a drive through Sheep Creek Canyon one day and made a few stops at different beautiful places - one being Brown Lake.

 Eric took a swim in the freezing cold water. I was tempted, but after getting up past my knees decided against it.
 The kids played on the shore throwing rocks and striking model poses.
In the evening we ate good food, sat around and learned new things about each other, played a lot of Bocce ball, and enjoyed the sunsets. I was pretty proud of the menu we planned. It is nice to car camp because you can make yummy stuff. Some of the highlights: dutch oven peach cobbler, dough on a stick with honey butter,  mountain man breakfast, and Navajo Tacos.

 The rain storms created some beautiful skies and rainbows.

 On the 4th we hung out for a while, throwing rocks in the lake, and then packed up and started driving home.

 These 2 have a special relationship! So sweet!
 My handsome boys!

 We stopped at Fort Bridger. They were having a fourth of July celebration. We put Reese in the pile of wood shavings to look for money with the other kids but she wanted nothing to do with it. We had woken her from her nap just minutes earlier so she wasn't too enthused.

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kaitlin said...

oh how funny, nicole who it looks like is married to eric's brother was in my ward about a year ago. that's provo for you!