Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Timp Caves

After having lived in Utah for 22 years, I FINALLY did the whole Timp Caves thing. Eric had never done it either, so we were both really excited to experience it. The day before Eric and I drove around for close to 4 hours trying to find an open campsite up American Fork canyon. We ended up finding a spot by Cascade Springs, so closer to the Sundance side than the American Fork side. Some of our friends met us there for a fun evening, a sleepover, and dutch oven biscuits and gravy for breakfast (Eric's delicious specialty)!! Lindsay had to go home in the morning, but the rest of us, including Jeremiah, Rachel, and Micah headed to the Timp Cave visitor's center to start the trek.

It was a lot more grueling than I had in mind. There was an old woman who reminded us of the tortoise in the tale of the tortoise and the hare - slow and steady wins the race. I couldn't believe her ambition!

The trails are freaky. There are shear cliffs on one side of the trail at all times. Most of the trail has no barrier between you and the cliff. I've had many nightmares since about Reese running off the trail. My advice - make sure your kid is either in a backpack strapped to you, hold them, or insist they hold your hand at all times. I'm surprised they haven't put guardrails up along the whole trail.

 It was neat! Reese loved hiking around through the cave and shining her flashlight at everything.

 Even pregnant Rachel hiked it like a champ! Ah, her belly is darling and although I don't carry my babies as elegantly as she does, it does makes me excited to be pregnant again one day :)
 Finally a barrier! I can breathe easy for a moment!!

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Alison said...

I think they put up that last barrier because one of the trail workers went of the edge there last year. The dropoff would make me SO nervous! You guys have been doing all the fun things I love about northern Utah this year - concerts in the park, the Timp caves, the mountains, the Great Salt Lake. I love how you guys are always up to something fun.