Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Strawberry Days Rodeo with Micah and Rachel. Kids were a little worn out but it was still a good time.
Liberty Park with Kristin and Terra + kids. Fantastic hanging out like old times + 2 baby boys. We did get rained and hailed on for a while, but once it stopped it made for the perfect temperature and overcast skies for playing.
 The whole group
 Reese loves friends so she was in HEAVEN when she had 2 friends to play with in the water and on the slides.
 Ryker and Ivan. Only 1 month apart.
 We've gone on a lot of drives up Big Cottonwood over the last few months to check out the snow levels, river levels, etc. The river has been ROARING with all the run off. It is cool to see the water ripping through trees and banks where you can tell it doesn't normally.

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