Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mirror Lake Highway Drive

The other day we went on a long drive. We started up Parley's Canyon and drove up and down Lamb's Canyon and then headed over to the Mirror Lake Highway. We stopped at Provo River Falls - it is ROARING! 
 We drove by TONS of beautiful lakes (if I remember right, below is Brown Lake) and checked out the numerous campsites for future camping trips.
 We stopped off at Mirror Lake, it was so swampy because the water is so high.
 It was gorgeous. The temperature was much cooler than in the city - in the 60's in the higher elevations, and everything is so wet and green.
We stopped off at a ranger station that has a little display of the logging that used to take place up there, drove all the way through Christmas Meadows (precisely named with all the pine trees in the area) and a few miles into Wyoming, at which point we turned our GPS on and had it route the shortest distance - which usually means back roads. It led us on Chalk Creek Road, a dirt road that led to the darling town of Coalville. Pretty sure I wouldn't mind living there, it is so quaint.

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